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We have a refund policy in place that provides options if a student decides the class(s) is/are not right for them after attending a few sessions.

  • Prior to the start of classes (up to the starting date of the class) the student receives a full refund of the course fees already paid for that class.
  • Prior to the start of the second class, the student receives a refund of 96% of the course fees already paid for that class. Prior to the start of the third class, the student receives a refund of 93% of the course fees already paid for that class.
  • Prior to the start of the fourth class, the student receives a refund of 90% of the course fees paid for that class.
  • No refunds will be issued after the fourth class in any program or workshop except for medical reasons and are at the discretion of the Artistic Producer.

Administration must receive a WRITTEN letter form a parent/guardian stating that the student wishes to discontinue classes). 

Yes, providing there is still space in the class, up to April 15th for classes which began in Sept/Oct.
Our age reference date for classes is December 31st of that registration year. For example, a child turning 9 years old by December 31st is eligible for the 9-12 age group classes beginning in September of that same year. Some students may be best served in a class level either above or below their age. Please email Andorlie Hillstrom, YDTP’s Artistic Producer, at if you want advice on what class would best suit you or your child. 
You need to create an account via the portal to be able to register for classes.

Yellow Door Theatre Project uses the Dance Studio Pro Platform (DSP).

Go to this link: to set up your account and register.
You may make payments via the DSP (Dance Studio Pro) platform.

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month of the program indicating owed charges.

You may make payment using a Credit Card or E-transfer. E-transfers need to be sent to 

Many of our clients choose to use Autopay (Credit Card) on a monthly basis during the instruction year (beginning of September to the beginning of May) this option is available on the DSP platform.

Yes. Credit Card or E-transfer is acceptable.
Yes, provided there is space in the class you wish to join. A price adjustment will be made if the price of the 2 classes differ.

Please see Question #1 above. No refunds will be made if a participant fails to attend a program, class or workshop.

Classes will run as normal on the Friday of the long weekend but there will be no classes on Thanksgiving Monday.

Over Easter weekend there will be no classes on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Please do not come to class if you are sick, even if you have a negative COVID-19 test. If a student comes to class and has obvious symptoms, they will be asked to wait in the office while we phone their parents to pick them up. Important Note: If a student has been sick in the last 10 days, we ask that they wear a mask in class. Please keep in mind that there are vulnerable people in our community -- and as we all know, no one needs another virus.

We do not offer need-based subsidies for classes within the reCREATIONal Program. Please contact the office to discuss alternative payment options at
We hope to list our March Break camps by mid January and Summer Camps by early March. To ensure you are among the first to hear about our camps we recommend signing up for our newsletter. All new programming, March Break Camps and Summer Programs are announced via the Dance Studio Pro (DSP) platform to all subscribers.

No, there will be no regular classes over the March Break week.
Our classes for the upcoming sessions typically launch in late May and early June. To ensure you are among the first to hear about new and available classes throughout the year, we recommend signing up for our newsletter.

We offer private dance lessons. Please contact for further details regarding individual coaching.
We are located on the main floor of 504, Line 2 Road in Virgil, Ontario. you will see the reception area when you enter the main entrance.
Currently, we do not have tours available.

We do not, but there are Open House activities planned prior to Christmas and the final month of classes in May. This is an opportunity for students to share skills and mini presentations of learned material with Family and friends. Everyone is welcome. Open Houses are announced via our Dance Studio Pro (DSP) Platform and are sent directly to our clients.

Yes. We audition each June for our Performance Company. This Company presents three performances per Season and is available for ages 10 to 17 years. All audition information is shared via Dance Studio Pro (DSP) Platform, through our website and our newsletter.